What questions should a wedding planner ask the bride?

In the first meeting, as the wedding planners Kolkata, you must be well-prepared to discuss your services with the bride. You have to find out her expectation from the wedding and whether she is the perfect bride for the services you offer. All the wedding planners Kolkata must be organized and professional. They must be prepared with plenty of questions for the bride.
Most brides are not initially well-prepared with their own expectation related to the wedding. Hence, you need to prepare some question which can be from the bride to understand her expectations from the wedding in the first meeting. You need to find out her wishes, budget, the level of maintenance, needs, and scope of imagination. You must be a good listener and find out the best reference for the bride.
With that in mind, here are some of the key questions Wedding Event Managers must ask the bride:

  1. What date has she set?

This is one of the most important questions to find out if the wedding is not clashing with other events you are working on. You can’t waste the time of the bride if you are not available to the wedding date. You must be available to work on the wedding date. Plus, the wedding date should be flexible. If the date is flexible, you can also give them few suggestions for other dates to finalize their wedding. You need to check if the venue wants for her wedding is available or way expensive for that particular date.

2. What’s her dream venue?

Most brides nowadays are aware of the best location for the wedding. If she is not sure about the exact venue, she surely knows whether she wants an outdoor or indoor event and the type of place. You need to find out what kind of wedding she is planning and if she will be able to afford it. Most people come with a budget as low as 10 lakh rupees and they want a 4-day event in the most expensive wedding destination. Hence, you have to make it clear if their vision is affordable or not. Or she wants a wedding in a garden while inviting more than a 1000 people. It may not be possible to find a big enough garden for such kind of a wedding.

3. How many guests does she plan to invite?

You have to find out the guest count as it will impact your budget. Most Indian brides and grooms have an extensive list of guests. However, some people invite only close friends and family members due to some personal reasons. The bride surely knows the number of people who will surely come to her wedding.

  1. What general wedding mood and style she wants?

She surely knows if she is looking for a traditional, formal, casual or out-of-the-box wedding theme. You have to help her develop the perfect theme for the wedding.

5. What she likes and dislikes in wedding magazines?

This is an important question to find out about her style, likes, and dislikes. She might show you some pictures from various wedding magazines. You need to find out her favorite wedding colors, style, and mood.

  1. What is her budget?

Most brides will inform you about the budget before the initial face-to-face meeting. The brides who are unsure usually don’t hire the wedding planners Kolkata. She will surely be prepared with these basic questions for the meeting. You might also discuss with the person she brings with herself for the discussion like her parents or fiance. Usually, these people will pay for the wedding, so it is really important to understand their expectations from the wedding. They might also ask you about the average price you charge as wedding event managers to get an idea to set their budget. You need to explain them about your services and event styling process to help them understand better.

7. What was a unique wedding she attended?

Some pictures of the wedding they attended will give you an idea about the type of wedding style they like. You must come up with new and creative wedding styles and ideas.

8. How involved does she expect a wedding planner to be?

You must find out what kind of wedding planning is she looking for. There are some people who only want you to handle certain things. Their budget will surely depend on the amount of work done by you. So, if they want Wedding Event Managers to provide full professional service, they will have a big budget and if they only want them to give some advice in the activities and decoration for the wedding, they will have a low budget.

9. What was the most boring wedding she attended?

You need to know what type of food and decor she dislikes. She might like outdoor ceremonies, beachfront ceremonies, cocktail parties or garden receptions.

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