Complete List of Recent Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends 2017

Winter is here and for the beauty parlors, that means the arrival of wedding season. While running a small business, it is quite difficult to stay updated with all the latest trends. Thus, here is a complete list of recent bridal trends coming your way this winter.

Latest Bridal Hair Trends 2017
1. Big Braids

Braids are on trend this wedding season in 2017. From face-framing to stunning up-dos, it can be included, in the bride’s hair, in different and stylish ways to make a bold statement. Big braids can be easily managed when compared to other bridal up-dos. Without any problems, the bride can get a bohemian look with braids. They can also try ponytail or large side braids.

2. Classy & Messy Hair



With a classy up-do, the bride can get a naturally softer look. This look will compliment any hair shade. Brides who have naturally curly will look even better with this up-do. Cascading curls can frame the bride’s face. You can put a subtle hair ornament into the messy up-do for a finishing touch.


3. Floral




The bride will get an ethereal vibe and chic look with floral hair. A flower crown can be pinned on her hair. She can style her hair or get a loose, messy bun. You can also weave small flowers throughout her hair. This look will keep the bride spiritually connected with the earth.


4. Polished up-dos

Polished up-dos made a comeback in the recent years. You can leave the classic up-dos bare or adorn them with natural and subtle accents like ribbon, jeweled clips and gold barrette. Based on the style, it can offer the bride that vintage look and feel. However, it will always offer a chic finish, no matter the type of hairstyle.


5. Topknot

Latest Bridal Makeup Trends 2017
1. Minimal makeup

Nowadays most brides prefer to get makeup on their face over heavy one. They understand the importance of looking natural and fresh on their special day. Obviously, some brides will want to get a heavy makeup but they still might prefer a makeup is low on maintenance.

2. Pink eyeshadow and lips

The latest bridal makeup trend is a light pink eyeshadow combined with a monochromatic lip. This makeup will give the bride a naturally fresh look.

3. Prominent eyebrows

The recently hot trend is strong prominent eyebrows, especially for brides. There are lots of brides who don’t have naturally thick eyebrows and thus they have to struggle and get thicker eyebrows. However, even thinner eyebrows look good on brides who have a certain type of face and hair.

The brides with prominent eyebrows usually look younger and don’t need to apply thick eyeliner. If you have thinner brows, you can highlight your eyes by applying thick eyeliner and heavy eyeshadow. The bride will look bolder and fierce.


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  1. Nice Post. 2017 is really High trending Year. This Bridal Dress and Looks Trends are really Amazing. Thanks For Sharing This Beautiful Article.

  2. I think floral is really in this year as well as messy & classy.


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