Top 6 Benefits of Pranayam

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on the earth.” A Sanskrit proverb.

Pranayam is more than just a breathing exercise. A human’s thought process and breathing pattern are very intimately connected. Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts and vice-versa. Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness is the ultimate key to restore balance in the mind and body. It acts as a self-healer to some extent if mastered the art. Below are some proven benefits of pranayama.

1. Relieves stress

Pranayama helps to curb stress out of one’s life. The science behind it is simple when in stress we end up breathing from our chest which due to which we experience breathlessness and triggers anxiety when we are consumed by stressful thoughts and cortisol is produced which increases blood pressure and we know what high BP is capable of.

Pranayam helps to counter all this by creating a sense of calm by deep breathing which lowers the blood pressure by reversing the symptoms once the parasympathetic nervous is activated.

2. Keeps emotional distress under control

You gain the power of controlling your emotions by practicing pranayama, emotional stress can be very challenging and often has a deep psychological effect which gives birth to certain kinds of mental illness. The skillful art of breathing calms the emotional distress in our minds by eradicating the negative emotional energy along with relieving the body from the physical stress and emotional reactivity.

3. Increases the life span

According to the philosophy of Yoga, a human’s life span depends on his/her breathing rate. If your breath is slow you are going to live for long years but if you breathe a high rate then your life span decreases. So it is essential to breathe systematically and at a slower pace for the sake of our lives’ longevity.

4. Lowers the risk of Blood pressure

Hypertension is another mane for high blood pressure that causes a high level of blood pressure causing the heart to stop, which leads to death. There is nothing that can’t be controlled with pranayama and certain changes in lifestyle hypertension can be eradicated. Pranayam allows the body to relax relieves it from all kinds of stress and tension bringing the blood pressure to a minimum. You won’t require medicines once you have mastered the true form of pranayama and prevent other mental stress related ailments like insomnia and depression. In this fast life, every second person is suffering from depression and many become suicidal, for such times pranayama is the best life saver which will keep such impulses at bay.

5. Helps oxygen intake

A human body is supposed to use 100% of their lungs, a regular pranayama practitioner uses 80% and the ordinary human uses way less per cent than that for normal breathing. We do not use the whole of our lungs while breathing normally. Due to which our essential intake of oxygen is missed at a very percentage since we breathe from our chest. Pure oxygen is the key to any living beings good health. With pranayama, we can achieve the target of full oxygen absorption.

6. Keeps negativity at bay

We, humans, fail miserably when it comes to gaining full power over negative thoughts that completely destroy the peace of mind. Such thoughts cause takes a huge toll on a person’s entire life in the most dangerous way. To gain control over such negativity, pranayama is highly recommended. It helps in gaining control over all that wandering unnecessary thoughts that make a person negative and fearful. It increases the power of reasoning and analyzing so we can use discretion before acting upon anything.

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