6 Ways to Turn Breech Baby to Normal Position

A breech pregnancy is when the fetus or the baby’s feet are in the womb is positioned towards the uterus. It often scares the women and they think of c-section before the due time. This occurs mostly by the 36th week. You must understand why this happens below are some common reasons that cause the baby to change positions.
– When the woman has had several pregnancies in the past
-When a woman is carrying multiples babies
-If a woman has had a premature birth in the past
-When the uterus has too much or too little amniotic fluid, meaning the baby has extra room to move around in or not enough fluid to move around in
-Women with an abnormally shaped uterus or has other complications, such as fibroids in the uterus
-If a woman has placenta previa
-Listen up ladies, before you think of giving birth before the due time you must try these 6 ways to get your little one back into position.

  1. External version (EV)

This is the first thing that the doctors will try if the baby is in the breach. He/she will use medication to relax the uterus so that the baby can be pushed externally into the vertex position. This is done by applying downward pressure to the lower abdomen. It has a 58% success chance.

2. Use sound to change the position

You can place the earphones or headphones on your lower abdomen and play music. A lot of music is made especially for unborn ones, you can download it. The baby will be encouraged to move towards the sound of the music or you can also ask your husband/partner or whoever you are living with to talk to the baby by positioning their mouth on the lower abdomen.

3. Use hot and cold packs

This one of the easiest techniques to change turns the breech baby. Apply an ice pack or frozen peas over the belly where the baby’s head is, hopefully, the baby will try to look for the warmer area and come back to the position or you can apply hot pack over the lower belly.

4. Swimming

This is a low impact and fun exercise, swimming in the pool can help the baby to move. The front stroke and the breaststroke are thought to be particularly effective for this.

5. Forward-leaning inversion

All pregnant women must do this to make sure their baby is in the right position. You must perform the forward leaning exercises for 10-15 mins daily. You can rest in child’s pose or rock back and forth with your knees tucked in your chest, don’t apply too much pressure. These exercises help relax the pelvic muscles and the gravity pulls inside your uterus.

6. Walking

This is the easiest and convenient exercise that you can do during your pregnancy. If your delivery date is near and the baby is in the breech position you must walk at least twice a day for 20 to 25 minutes, it will increase the chances of positioning your baby’s head towards the uterus. While you walk, your baby’s head will gravitate downward and fix at the bottom of the pelvis.
Remember to get yourself check throughout your pregnancy, that way the breech baby can be prevented. Eat and exercise well.

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