6 Things That Will Happen To Your Body When You Quit Sugar

Most of us end up consuming sugar then realize, and we don’t mean just candies, chocolates and desserts. There is a high content of sugar in fruits, fruit juices, bread, and pasta basically all processed foods.

Sugar restriction is not just meant for weight watchers, although they must quit it completely for a certain period of time and then start consuming it from moderate to minimum quantity. Some have a sugar addiction which is as bad as any other substance abuse.
Let’s discuss the effects of too much sugar in our body. First of all the sugar gets absorbed in your intestine going straight to the liver and the excess of sugar turns into liver fat which causes heart and liver disease, excess weight, diabetes, hypertension, dementia and sometimes cancer often leading to death.
Now we have established that over consumption of sugar is deadly, let’s discuss the effects of quitting sugar entirely and we promise it won’t be the end of the world if you do it, on the contrary, you will experience the below changes:

1. Better Dental Health

This sweet poison stimulates bacteria growth which causes your tooth to decay and is the cause of other dental problems. Once you decrease it, you experience your gums and teeth turning healthy.

2. Better sleep

We know the wonders of eight hours sleeps, which is hindered by many reasons and sugar being a major one. The sugar high makes you sluggish during the day if you start your day with sugary foods. Quoting it will keep you alert and during the day and improve your sleep cycle.

3. You look more youthful

There is the reason why J-Lo, Cindy Crawford and other actresses in their 50’s look not less than 30. Apart from makeup and Botox, these ladies don’t consume sugar. Moral of the story is it makes you more youthful. Sugar has a dehydrating effect while it increases oil production at the same time which affects the ability of water binding leaving your skin Haggard and stealing your youthful charm, some look like 30 even at their early 20’s. Those dark circles, inflammation and swelling under the eyes will reduce along and remove the excess oil and wrinkles with an improved complexion.

4. Increases the immunity system

Sugar causes the white blood cells to stop consuming bad bacteria which makes our body vulnerable to falling sick. For a functional immune system, the ideal situation is to eliminate all added and processed sugar. While this can be extremely hard to do, especially since sugar goes is consumed in the name of healthy juices, diet bars and “sugar-free” cereals.

5. Faster weight loss

We know it for a fact that sugar biggest reason that causes weight gain. Why? Because, when sugar is consumed, insulin production increases which don’t allow the fat as a fuel and converts sugar into fat adding weight to the body, naturally, when you will eliminate it, the stored fat will be burnt.

6. Your liver becomes leaner

To create fat, the liver uses sugar, specifically fructose. The more sugar you consume, your liver will produce copious amounts of fat, which can result in a fatty liver.While it is specifically called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, it looks exactly like the lives of those who overindulge in alcohol. If detected early, it is reversible but becomes less so the longer the damage continues.

So these are the very basic changes that will happen, who doesn’t want to look and feel great? If you have the capability to absolutely quit it, then go ahead but if you don’t, then remember to have it in moderation and never indulge in it because most foods already have sugar in some form but they aren’t as dangerous as the processed sugar used in processed food.

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