Top 7 Kinds of Hair Removal Methods

Every girl knows the importance of hair removing. Not all methods of hair removal suit every girl equally. Below is a list of hair removal methods with its advantages and disadvantages. This will help you pick your ideal type that suits your skin, budget, and lifestyle.

  1. Tweezing

Tweezers are super handy and can be used anywhere at any time. Tweezing – an easy way to get rid of hairs by the root. It is best for small areas on your face like eyebrows, upper and under the lips and chins. It’s a plucking method.
Advantages: You can do it yourself at home since the hair is plucked out by the root, it takes longer (over three weeks) for the next batch to grow back.
Disadvantages: This method of plucking can’t be used on the larger areas on your body, as it is a time-consuming process.

2. Razor/Blade for shaving

It works by removing the hair at skin level. It’s the most convenient form of hair removal and used by those who don’t have time for other methods.
Advantages: If you are careful with it then it’s painless It is the fastest way to remove unwanted hair and super cheap
Disadvantages: Hair is removed at the skin level. It will grow back in three days.

3. Hair removal creams

These creams contain chemicals that break down the hair structure. Apply the cream on the hairy area. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Use a towel or a plastic scraper to remove the hair along with the cream.
Advantages: Hair removed using cream creams lasts longer than shaving at the maximum a week.
Disadvantages: The chemicals in hair removal creams are strong and can irritate your skin. A patch test IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before applying. If you don’t experience irritation or redness then continue with it.

4. Waxing

Every girl’s nightmare is waxing. This technique uses wax to remove hair from the follicle. It is done by applying warm wax over the hairy area and stripping it out after 20 to 3 0 seconds.
Advantages: Tension free for at least two weeks. It also doesn’t grow back as stubble and adds moisture too.
Disadvantages: The drawback of waxing is that you have to let the hair grow enough for the wax to pull it out for the next sitting and of course the pain.

5. Electrolysis

One of the best methods, a needle is used to produce a short blast of electric current into the hair follicle. Apparently, the result is supposed to bring permanent hair removal after just a few sessions. Electrolysis works for any type of hair and skin.
Advantages: It provides permanent results when performed by a professional. Electrolysis – less expensive than laser hair removal. It requires fewer follow-up visits.
Disadvantages: During electrolysis, the hair is removed one at a time. Which makes the process very slow; there is a stinging sensation for each follicle that could be painful.

6. Laser hair removal

The overly hyped method but if you are looking for a long-term solution then this is the answer. It involves destroying the roots with light. Doctors claim it’s permanent, but it only reduces a large amount of hair and makes it finer.
Advantages: It is a painless method and offers a permanent solution.
Disadvantages: Lasers affect hairs in the active stage. Hairs that are still growing will more laser treatments. This is why laser hair removal is performed in many treatments over several months. Also, it’s the most expensive way to get rid of the unwanted body and facial hair.

7. Threading

The most commonly used method to shape the eyebrows and remove facial hair. It removes unwanted hair from your upper lip, cheeks, and chin. In the process of threading, a twisted thread catches hair, pulling it out as it is rolled across the skin.
Advantages: Unlike other methods, it’s gentler on your skin causing least to no damage. It removes short rows of hair all at once.
Disadvantages: It’s can only be applied on small areas of the skin.

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