Top 6 Benefits of Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti is a rage all over the world and most commonly known as Fuller’s earth. Over the years it has garnered high praise due to it beautifying properties and has earned a nickname, “Beauty Mud” but its properties are not just limited to making a face pretty or your hair gorgeous but it has many health benefits too. All the health and beauty benefits will be discussed below.

1. Stress Buster

Believe it or not, there is more to the beauty benefits of Multani mitts, it gives a great amount of relief from stress. After a long day, you can just soak yourself in a tub filled with Multani Mitti or just your feet if you don’t have a tub like me. While the mixture cools down the cooling sensation will make you feel so light and stress-free.

2. Kills the bacteria

Yup, that’s true; it is high on medicinal value due to its healing properties. It has been used as a bacteria killer for centuries. It kills the bacteria found in the stomach and intestines. It cures stomach ulcers. You are supposed to ingest it in its baked form rather than eating it raw.

3. Improves Blood Circulation 

As a natural healing property, the Fullers earth improves the overall blood circulation in the body. If there is a disruption of any kind in the circulation of the blood the body organs fail to function if the blood doesn’t reach the organs. Besides that, it also increases the metabolism of the body.

4. It is antiseptic

Not many are aware of its anti-bacterial and antiseptic. For ages, people have been extracting this clay from the earth to heal wounds. The practice has seen no end, till today it is being used as an antiseptic on injuries and wounds mixed with other ingredients.

5. Laundry

We are not even kidding, it is a superior cleaning substance that absorbs stains, prevents discoloring and cleans all kinds of stains and grease like oils, waxes, and blood on clothes. It is used as one of the ingredients in the detergent.

5. Skin benefits

We won’t mention every skin benefit separately because there are a bazillion listicles dedicated to the skin explaining the benefits, but just in case you haven’t come across one. It is rightfully called “Beauty Mud”, it cures maximum skin problems. It cures dark circles, acne, pimple, sunburn, tanning/pigmentation, evens the skin tone, best suited for oily skin as it absorbs all the oil from the skin, dry skin, tightens the pores and skins preventing wrinkles and works as a great exfoliator.
Different combinations of masks are made using varieties of ingredients like Neem and turmeric for blemishes, oats and sugar granules for exfoliation, orange peel powder, sandal wood, and almonds paste to remove tan, pigmentation and other kinds of blemishes. The application of the mask on the face mustn’t exceed 20 minutes.

6. Hair Straightening

Apart from conditioning, thickening, dandruff removal, supporting hair growth it also straightens the hair. It is not a joke, it’s absolutely true. There is a science behind it, the waves and curls are formed due to the double carbon-carbon bonds (C=C), not a good news because apparently, the waves and curls that are formed are a sign of weak hair, (this doesn’t include the naturally curly heads; no one can beat your thickness). That’s where Multani Mitti comes in, it strengthens the weak parts resulting straight hair.

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