7 Food Swaps That Will Flatten Your Tummy

Blame it on work load or our sedentary life style, either way, there is no work out which results in the accumulation in our lower abdomen, commonly known as belly fat, But it’s okay, exercise is matters just 20% in your weight loss journey, the 80% matters what you eat. Ever heard abs are made in the kitchen? In reference to that, you must throw these 7 foods from your kitchen if you want a flat tummy in no time.

1. Beverages

All the Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Maaza and even your “Real” juice are high in calories with no value. It should be the first thing you must discard from your fridge. Consuming this large calorie drink causes abdominal fat. The worst thing is, the artificial sweeteners fail to make feel satiated and your brain tells you to consume more, sugar is addictive.

2. Bread

Unless you are using organic whole grain bread otherwise give up on it because the white and brown bread is made of refined flour and are just simple carbohydrates with no nutritional value, basically empty calories that cause bloating.

3. Processed Cheese

Cheese slices

We know it’s sad but it’s true that processed cheese in any form is filled with calories and saturated fat, the bad kind of fat. If you love it so much, you must have organic cheese made from skimmed milk.

4. Fruit Juice

This is often mistaken as a healthy food but it’s not. Fruits in it juice form are just empty calories and fructose with minimum to no nutrients because all the nutrients are in the pulp which is in the dustbin. It just adds fat.

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5. Fast food

Since childhood, we have been told its bad but pleasing our taste buds is more important. All fast food use processed material and high sodium. We know what happens with processed food consumption but high salt causes bloating due to its water retention property.

6. Potatoes

A study showed that one potato’s harmful effect is equal to the one spoon sugars in our body. Like the above, it has no health value and high in calories leaving our body craving for more.

7. Alcohol

Forget ladies night and happy hours, Alcohol is proven to make your belly increase due to its high-calorie count. If at all you can live without it, then you can have a glass of wine on occasion as it is not too high in calories but in antioxidants.
Avoid all these and focus on high protein food that satiates you quickly and promotes healthy weight loss. Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits like apples, bananas and strawberries and all vegetable except potatoes. Make egg your best friend if you are a vegetarian then cottage cheese from skimmed milk and soya would do the same job.

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